Sex Parties

Sex Parties

We’ve seen it a lot in raunchy movies or even heard about it from friends, parties where there are lots of fun ladies shaking what they got wearing next to nothing, be it a house party, a high-roller mansion party, or even one of those raves where all the kids are jumping around naked with neon paint on their bodies (that’s how it goes right? Sorry, the rave scene came in when I was past being a party animal already), swinging parties for couples, you know, all that kinda kinky stuff.

I’m not talking weird kinky like Eyes Wide Shut, I’m just asking, you ever been to any sexy party? Here at the EM offices, we had one for our anniversary not too long ago. George and the guys decided to call up some ladies from a local escort agency some of our employees frequent. They rented a pretty good condo by the beach with a hot tub and a pool and everything, and man, it only took a few drinks for half the party girls to be naked, and I don’t mean just the escort agency girls!

One thing I used to do back when I was a loser (yeah, laugh all you want) who wanted to one-up the guys was hire an escort to come to me to a party and pose as my girlfriend, of course, this incurred other costs, but man, being the guy who came in to the pool party with the hot ass girlfriend who didn’t mind wearing a two piece bikini and showing off her good looks, that shit made me look su

per good by proxy.









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