Massage Foreplay

Massage Foreplay

As you know, we’re not a massage site, we’re an escorting site, but the prevalence of massages as a sensual and pre-coital occurrence has lead me to write this piece. I’m talking about sensual massages before the sexual act. I know it’s something offered by a few of our lovely ladies here in the site.


I’m no massage expert, but I’ve read plenty of guides, and have given a few massages, so I know that rubbing your partner down before the deal goes a long way. Here are some tips:


Gotta sed the mood first, dim the lights, ask your partner to take her clothes off and lay down so you can give her a good massage, get the oil ready and use the heel of your hand just work those back and upper back muscles over and over.


Don’t go too hard on those, and if you’re too rough, you gotta ease up and do it slowly, especially when pinching the trapezius. Go down to the lower back and make smooth round motions, then down to the thighs and calves and ankles, making gentle circular motions. Afterward go back to the lower back and using your palms start rubbing the back and dat ass.


Wow, gee, sorry about that I’m getting all hot and bothered with you guys here. But believe me, follow these steps, and your partner will be nice and ready to get it on. You folks do massage your dates or have them rub you, right?

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