Girl on Girl

Girl on Girl

I was reading a specific news source from across the pond about how in the UK it’s becoming more and more common for women to hire escorts, and they didn’t mean just girls were hiring guys, they meant girls were hiring other girls.


The survey said that the hike was big enough for it to be noticeable and that some services in the UK were offering girl on girl escorts for anyone daring to try it out. Most did it for experimentation, in case they didn’t want to take the entire plunge into lesbianism or in fact they were just horny and slightly bisexual, but the girls say they have lots of Jills who pay for their service. The lady who runs the lesbian service did say that the only thing that differentiates the Jills from the Johns is how picky they are, not very surprising, right?


But overall this got my noggin’ thinking, and I remember reading about ladies who visit massage parlors for massages and even happy endings, they even had a few ladies who had written reviews about the experience. I began scouring through the Monkey but found no such indication here… I mean they might be a minority, but if there’s anything I love is a vocal minority.


You ever had a girl on girl session? Write about it if you have. Or even then, do any of our lovely escorts offer their services to ladies as well? I’m just so intrigued by this. Do we have a big lesbian escorting scene here in the US?

The author of this article here, here is the article


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